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On Meganisi, you won't find mile-long sandy beaches teeming with hordes of holidaymakers. Instead, you will find that the island is blessed with several magnificent sheltered little beaches and secluded coves, where you can relax, sunbathe and enjoy a cooling swim in crystal clear waters. If you seek something more active, you can usually find a good breeze somewhere on the island to windsurf or sail, particularly in the afternoons.


Some beaches have bars or kiosks where you can purchase drinks and/or snacks, but before you leave your accommodation it's worth double-checking and if necessary, taking any supplies you may need, including plenty of water.


The purity of the waters are superb for swimming and snorkelling, but that purity also provides an ideal habitat for sea urchins which you will find dotted among the rocks and shallow waters. Keep an eye out when you are wading around as they can be difficult to spot and very painful if you tread on their spikes - it's advisable to wear sturdy soled water shoes.

Agios Ioannis

In front of the church of Agios Ioannis lies the beautiful beach of the same name. Its somewhat isolated position on the west coast of Meganisi means it is rarely crowded. The spectacular range of colours in the water is very inviting and with views across to Lefkada as well as the tiny island of Thilia, Agios Ioannis...


Further down the track from Agios Ioannis Beach on the west coast, the long gently curving Agrilia Beach is adjacent to a small wetland which is a haven for wading birds and other wildlife, and natural springs provide a verdant landscape. Its distance from any of the villages means that you will need transport...


At the very end of the Meganisi tail is the cove of Bereta. It's beautiful crystal clear waters mesmerise all who venture down there. The beach can only be accessed by boat and there is a narrow beach and spectaular horizontal rocks going into the sea. Just around the corner from the beach, to the right, there is a small low sea cave with vibrant blue water inside. 


Cherniades beach is located on the Northern coast of Meganisi following the coastal road to the West coast from Spartochori village and Spilia Bay. This quiet small and hidden pebble beach is ideal for those who want to relax away from crowds. This is sheltered gently sloping beach with rocks either side to snorkel and observe the marine life.


Elia is the closest beach to Katomeri village. The bay is sheltered from the winds and it is a long narrow beach of small pebbles. There are 2 holiday accommodations on the beach, however, it is always a quiet location even with the occasional boat anchoring off further out in the bay during the high season. 


Fanari Beach is one of the most well-known on Meganisi with its turquoise waters, sun-bleached white pebbles and is backed by a line of trees which offer an area of shade. There is a small beach bar, Jammin' in Paradise where, as the name suggests, you can chill out listening to the Reggae, Latin or Blues music...


Korokofolia beach is located on the opposite side of Fanari Cape, reached by a short walk from Fanari car park. To access the beach there is a cliff, walk down at your own risk and take caution as sadly the rocks are eroding more every year. The cliffs and beach have stunning views over to Mainland Greece and Kalamos Island.

Limonari (Megalo & Mikro)

Two lovely adjacent beaches, Limonari Megalo & Limonari Mikro, on the east coast of Meganisi, have tiny, almost sand-like pebbles. Swim in the translucent water or snorkel past the rocks at the edge of the beach, exploring the nooks and crannies for the diversity of marine life.


Loutrolimni beach is easily reached by boat but not so easily by road. This makes it a lovely tranquil and quiet beach with the only visitors those who spot it passing by boat or the locals who want to relax away from crowds. The beautiful tropical coloured and clear waters provide a great place for taking a refreshing swim... 


Tucked under the trees just a short walk from the village of Vathy, you will find the splendid little cove of Pasoumaki. Follow the road around the east side of Vathy harbour and continue along the coast until you reach a set of steps leading down to the beach.You can swim and gaze across at Skorpios Island...

Spilia (Roka)

At the south-eastern end of Spilia Bay, below the village of Spartochori, Spilia offers everything you could want for a perfect day on the beach. Spilia Beach is a sunbathing paradise with a gently shelving pebble shoreline leading to calm, crystal clear swimming waters.


Stravnam is also known by the locals as "Ammoglosa" meaning "tongue of sand". Located on the West coast of Meganisi. The spit of tiny while pebbles plays host to many visitors in the summer. The bushes to the right of the beach provide shade during the midday heat.


You can only reach this beach by boat as Zaganas Beach is on the tail of Meganisi. It's beautiful clear turquoise waters are a haven for a variety of different types of fish found in the rocky areas on either side of the beach. There is also a natural plunge pool in the rocks, be careful climbing in as the rocks are jagged and slippery, sea shoes reccommended.

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