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Limonari (Megalo & Mikro) Beaches 

Two lovely adjacent beaches, Limonari Megalo & Limonari Mikro, on the east coast of Meganisi, have tiny, almost sand-like pebbles. Swim in the translucent water or snorkel past the rocks at the edge of the beach, exploring the nooks and crannies for the diversity of marine life. Further along from the beach, there are several rocky ledges dipping into the sea, ideal as your own private sunbathing platform.


The beach is signposted from the road leading out of Katomeri, and although only a short distance from the village, the return climb up the steep hill can be demanding in the summer heat if you are on foot.


The path down to Mikro Limonari is further down the gravel road past Megalo Limonari, just before the next left hand bend. There is a small parting in the trees with a narrow path down to the beach. Wear sensible shoes as the path is quite rocky.


There is a small refreshment kiosk on Limonari Megalo beach, but it is not always open, so it's best to check first or take supplies with you.



Limonari Beach 01
Limonari Beach 02
Limonari Beach 03
Limonari Beach 04
Limonari Mikro 01
Limonari Mikro 03
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