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Things to Do

If you visit Meganisi seeking peace and relaxation, you will find the island a haven of blissful tranquillity. If you're looking for things to do, Exclusive Meganisi offers a wide range of activities & excursions to enhance your Meganisi experience.

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Boat Trips

Getting out on the water (or into it!) is a great way to keep cool and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Ionian. A tour by sea around Meganisi and neighbouring islands exploring caves and secluded coves, or a skippered day charter aboard a sailing yacht, can all be arranged for you by Exclusive Meganisi.

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Snorkelling, Paddleboarding and RYA certificates

Exclusive Meganisi can arrange a variety of different activities on or around the island. You could snorkel and explore the underwater world or skim the surface with a paddleboard. Alternatively we can also arrange 2 day RYA courses in different water sports or powerboats in the beautiful calm waters of the Ionian Sea.

More details coming soon!

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