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Loutrolimni Beach

Loutrolimni beach is easily reached by boat but not so easily by road. This makes it a lovely tranquil and quiet beach with the only visitors those who spot it passing by boat or the locals who want to relax away from crowds. The beautiful tropical coloured and clear waters provide a great place for taking a refreshing swim and snorkeling around the bay. Some yellow coloured coral and bright red starfish have been spotted here. 


In the peak season in July and August sailing boats tend to anchor off in the bay but the beach very rarely gets crowded because it is long and wide.


The beach is fully exposed to the sun so taking your own sun umbrella is highly recommended as is taking your own food and drinks.


To get to the beach by road, follow the road uphill to the right past Fanari beach and keep going until the road surface changes to gravel, when it does you will see a gravel track road branching down to the left. This heads downhill to the beach. Park at the top of the track on the side of the road. It will take around 10-15 minutes to walk down to the beach. wearing sensible shoes is highly recommended as it gets quite rocky. Bare in mind also that it's uphill on the way back too.

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