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Agrilia Beach

Further down the track from Agios Ioannis beach on the west coast, the long gently curving Agrilia beach is adjacent to a small wetland which is a haven for wading birds and other wildlife, and natural springs provide a verdant landscape.


Its distance from any of the villages means that you will need transport to reach Agrilia beach and you will need to take your own provisions, but Il Paradiso is close by for a lovely traditional meal set within olive trees by the coast. Head back to Agios Ioannis Church and follow the coast road, you will find it shortly on your right hand side.


To get to this beach follow the road behind Agios Ioannis Church to the left. You will start to drop down a small hill and will be amazed at the colour of the sea in front of you.


There are some sandy patches a little further out in the sea which cause the pale turqouise colour; the darker shades are beds of sea weed. This is the first section of Agrilia beach. 


You can park your car on the hill (don't forget to put your handbrake on tightly!), under the shade of a tree on the right handside of the road or a little further on the left there is a small cleared grass area where you can also park.


There is a second section of Agrilia beach if you either walk along the beach around the headland or take the road which turns into a bumpy track so it's not very safe for scooters or small cars. We would advise you to walk after parking your car at the first section and walk either along the road or along the beach.


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