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Zaganas Beach

You can only reach Zaganas by boat as the beach is on the tail of Meganisi. It's beautiful clear turquoise waters are a haven for a variety of different types of fish found in the rocky areas on either side of the beach. There is also a natural plunge pool in the rocks, be careful climbing in as the rocks are jagged and slippery, sea shoes recommended.

The cliff provides natural shade however there are no amenities here so take plenty of water and snacks which you may need. We also recommend taking a fully charged mobile phone incase the weather changes for returning to the ports.

Tourist boats often visit the beach in the mornings whilst en route to further destinations. Mornings are a good time to go while the sea is at it's calmest before the afternoon Meltemi winds however always keep an eye on the weather.

Zaganas Beach 01
Zaganas Beach 02
Zaganas Beach 03
Zaganas Beach 04
Zaganas Beach 05
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