Yassas & kalós orísate! Hello and welcome to Exclusive Meganisi, a business dedicated to providing a comprehensive and bespoke tourism & leisure service for visitors to the beautiful island of Meganisi. Let us help you enjoy the perfect holiday by arranging flights & transfers, car hire & accommodation, activities & excursions, all supported by a personal concierge service throughout your stay.


Our main aims are promoting quality tourism on Meganisi, providing a diverse range of bespoke services to visitors, working in liaison with local companies, and most importantly, enhancing your Meganisi experience!


It's not hard to imagine a perfect beach with pure crystal clear waters lapping at the shores, or a destination filled with vibrant history and culture. However, putting together your dream holiday is where we can help. Here at Exclusive Meganisi, from the moment you contact us, our commitment to you begins. We will endeavour to create the perfect holiday, excursions and activities for you. We pride ourselves on our customer service, resourcefulness and our imagination. Let us turn your dreams into reality with an idyllic holiday individually tailored just for you.

Why use us

Exclusive Meganisi is more than just a travel agency or tourist information point. We have extensive local knowledge of the island and surrounding area that allows us to tailor your holiday to your individual requirements. Combine this with our dedication to providing an exclusive service (including a personal concierge service if desired) throughout your stay and we believe we can offer the very best total holiday experience to our clients.

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