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There are a variety of ways to get to Meganisi:

  • Charter flight (Wednesdays and Sundays, May - October) to Aktion Airport at Preveza, then it's about 40 minutes by hire car, taxi or coach to Nidri and the awaiting ferry or speed water taxi.

  • Fly to Athens (perhaps staying overnight to enjoy the capital), then hire car or coach to Lefkada, followed by ferry or speed water taxi to Meganisi, just 5 nautical miles away.

  • Fly to Corfu (again perhaps spending a night in Corfu Town). From Corfu you can then catch a ferry to Igoumenitsa on mainland Greece, from where you can hire a car for your onward journey via Preveza (have change ready for the tunnel toll!) to Nidri on Lefkada, from where you can catch the ferry or speed water taxi to Meganisi. An alternative is to catch a Sky Express scheduled flight from Corfu to Preveza, a flight time of about 20 minutes. A third option is to fly by seaplane from Gouvia Marina on Corfu to Lefkas Marina, an exciting introduction to the Ionian affording you breathtaking views of the islands below. From Lefkas marina it's just a 20 minute taxi ride to Nidri and the ferry or speed water taxi to Meganisi.

If you are happy making your own travel arrangements, you may find the following links useful:

Alternatively, wherever you are flying from and whatever you preferred method of arrival on Meganisi, we can help - please give us a call, send us an enquiry or email and we will assist in making your journey to Meganisi as easy and stress-free as possible. We often have access to charter flight seats that are not available online.

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