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Ionian Blue Yachting Official - Virgo Cruises
Ionian Blue Yachting Official

Ionian Blue Yachting Official - Virgo Cruises

Exclusive Meganisi Cruise with Virgo

The cruise departs from the port of Preveza, we will see how many guests will go on the trip from Meganisi. The prices of the transfers will vary depending on the number of guests for the day, see below. 


Once you arrive at the boat and the trip starts you will be introduced to the crew and get acquainted. Before the wildlife observation begins, you will learn about the importance of the ecosystem as well as about the history of the area.


On the way you will come across many fish farms that operate in the area as well as the traditional and ancient fishing technique called ''Daliani''. During the tour, there will be a variety of ethnic music playing that attracts the dolphins.


Later, when the dolphins come close to the boats, everyone will have the opportunity to take pictures of them and admire their beauty as they playfully and magnificently show off their swimming skills.


Following the meeting with the dolphins, there will be a stop, close to a beautiful and peaceful beach where you will get to relax and swim in the cool waters of the gulf while listening to Greek and Mediterranean music.


A very special highlight of the tour is of course the freshly cooked meal that will be prepared and served on the boat along with cold drinks which will bring everyone together in an authentic Greek atmosphere.


Finally, with a mind full of wonderful memories and smiles in everybody's faces, the boats will return at the port of Preveza and the crew will bid farewell to that day's guests.

The price includes:

  • Day charter with skipper, hostess and fuel

  • Welcome drink on arrival

  • Main meal served around 13:00 - 13:30: pasta with sea food, Greek salad, accompanied by local wine brand “VERTZAMO” white or roze. Served aboard in a quiet bay with wine and soft drinks.

Water, juices, beer and wine unlimited and options for vegan and vegetarian dining or passengers with food allergies. 


  • Departs 09:30 (May, June and September) 09:00 (July and August) from Preveza

  • Returns around 14:00 - 14:30

  • Suitable for up to 10 guests

If you would like to charter the boat for a special occasion let us know and we will do all we can to make it extra special.


A 15% deposit is required in advance via bank transfer to secure the booking and the balance onboard before departure.

Transfers to Preveza


We are currently working on a more cost effective means of transport to Preveza by working with a local office in Lefkada. Details will follow soon, it may work out best if we organise trips to co-inside with thier days, other than of course privately chartering the trip yourselves.

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